Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break in the PHILIPPINES. (say what?!)

Just recently, I pulled a YOLO (you only live once, for those who don't know) and I bought tickets for a trip to the Philippines for my ONLY ONE WEEK spring break vacation. I figured since I was already in Australia, why not make it to the Philippines so I can meet my family there whom I've never met and you know, live life!

My trip was short, yes, but let me tell you... it was worth every dollar and more. I witnessed and experienced things (both emotionally, physically, and mentally) that I would have never got to witness and experience anywhere else in the world, in my lifetime. And for that I am beyond thankful. Blessed.

Mabuhay, Pilipinas. You will always be where my ❤ belongs.

Singapore Airport

The Philippines
Manila, Philippines
First time meeting my Dad's side of the family

Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island

Sucker for Reptiles
View on top of the island

Zip-lining...upside DOWN

View from our hotel balcony

Off to go island hopping

A litte camera trick

View from Tagaytay Highlands

Group picture with all my pinsans (cousins)
Lechon time! (Roasted pig)

My nieces and nephews

Last day in the Philippines

These memories will go in the books for eternity.